Hunza Gold is a family company in every way. We began in 2008 with the loyalty of our local community and our online customers. The company has now grown to be a well-respected business locally and internationally, with packaging depots in Hamilton, Ontario, Buffalo, New York, and another opening soon in California!

Until this point we have always dealt directly with our customers. Now that our market is significantly expanding we deal largely through distributors, wholesalers, and online consumers. However the personal touch of great customer service remains one of our highest priorities.

Our product is familiar and friendly as well as commercial and corporate. In our business we combine relationship with productivity and availability. We value the combination of corporate relevance with family preference, and we believe you do too. That is why we want to do business with you!

“We are strong believers in our products, in fact every one of our employees are also loyal customers.”

~ The Hunza Gold Team